School Zone Cameras

School Zone Camera (in operation 6am-8pm)

Good Morning,

I was able to find out some more information on the school zone cameras.  The cameras will record speeds of vehicles that are traveling 12mph or greater over the posted speed limit and issue citations.  The camera will capture the speeds even when school is not in session, but it will be based on the normal speed limit of that particular road.  For example; if the normal posted speed limit of the road is 40mph when school is not in session, then it will capture anything 52mph and over.  If the school zone sign says 7:30am to 4:30pm speed limit of 25mph, then the computer in the system will set the camera to capture speeds of 37mph and up.  Once the time frame has ended at 4:30pm, the computer will reset to capture 52mph and over (based on the normal speed being 40mph).

The cameras are still issuing citations during the time frames that Sgt. Dean had mentioned at last months meeting, but they are based on the normal speed limit of that given road, and not the school zone speed limit.  Once it hits the time frame for the reduced speed limit for the school zone, the camera will adjust itself to capture the speeds violating the school zone restriction.

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