Meeting Minutes

DACCA Membership Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2017

The meeting opened shortly after 7pm with President JP Sherkus welcoming the guest speakers, board members, DACCA members and guests.
He announced that due to DACCA participation at the hearings we were able to retain the Dunkirk Architecture Review Board.   He thanked all who had given their support.
He requested that DACCA Treasurer Joe Kriemelmeyer give the financial report.  (see the report posted separately on the website).
He asked how many of the audience came to the meeting because of the DACCA mailings that we send out this time and most raised their hand.  Some had seen the website.  We have questionnaires at the desk with the DACCA secretary.  JP asked that members please fill them out so we can discover what concerns you as a Dunkirk resident.  You can fill out and leave with us tonight or mail in to the address on the form.  We will post a copy of the questionnaire on the website that you can copy and fill out and mail to the address on the form.

The first speaker was Terry Quinn regarding the “flag barn”.  He mentioned that the barn needs to be dismantled and moved across Rt 4 to property that has been donated for it.  It would then be turned over to the county and they have set aside money for yearly upkeep.  $64,000 is needed but only $6,000. has been raised so far.   He answered a few questions from the audience.

Rick Bailey from Marrick and Drew Gorman from Echo Realty gave the next presentation on the Shoppes at Apple Greene.  They mentioned that the property was owned by Ed Howlin. And in 2007 they had a lease with Harris Teeter which was put on hold because of the economy down turn.  Then Harris Teeter was bought out by Kroger which delayed any further progress.  Improvements were done 2 years ago and then in Jan 2016 Ed Howlin died unexpectedly.  That changed the whole plan.  The Howlin family decided they did not wish to continue with the project.  They sold Dunkirk Supply and the Concrete Plant to Chaney Enterprises.  Eventually Echo bought out the Howlin interest in the project and took over as the developer in November 2016.  (Echo did the Calvert Village in Prince Frederick, a project in Lusby and the Market Square in Prince Frederick).  Harris Teeter has a building permit and is ready to begin building.  Echo is close to signing the majority of the other tenants and in about a month will make a statement to the press as to who will be the new occupants of the other spaces.  Construction has restarted – the water tower is in progress and will shortly be visible while Harris Teeter will begin in July with a May/June 2018 opening.  The other buildings will be starting construction in July as well.  Harris Teeter will have a gas station on the one side of the store.  Not sure at this time what the hours will be.  There will be apx 20 stores in the Shoppes to include some quick serve/casual restaurants.   They expect that nearly all the spaces will be filled by grand opening.  Info regarding the project the Shoppes at Apple Greene can be seen at  and a map of the site can be seen at   They took questions from the audience.

DACCA member Bill Peil was next and he did a short presentation on Brandywine Mattawoman Power Plant.
“Brandywine Mattawoman Power Project

The 990 MW power generation plant designated for Brandywine Maryland will use gas fired combustion turbines (CTs) to produce electricity. That is the equivalent of   7 X 747 Jets   running at full throttle. The plant will use frocked gas to power the CTs. A large quantity of water is required to cool the CTs. The approximate amount of water required is 5 million gallons per day. The source for this large amount of water isn’t the:
1) Patient River
2) Potomac River
3) Chesapeake Bay
4) local aquifers
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) has an agreement to sell “treated effluent” (aka treated sewage) to Mattawoman Energy, LLC. According to documents filed with the Maryland Department of Environment, the “treated effluent” will be delivered to the Mattawoman plant in “As Is” condition. The effluent will come from the WSSC Piscataway Waste Water Treatment Plant.
The 5 million gallons of “treated effluent” will be vaporized as it is used to cool the combustion turbines. Water vapor will be released into the atmosphere around the plant where citizens live in nearby neighborhoods. On a yearly basis this amounts to 1,825,000,000 gallons (1.825 billion gallons).
The “As Is” nature of this water vapor appears to indicate that its content is unknown (according to WSSC) with respect to other substances than water.
Many chemicals and compounds are flushed into sewer systems. Those not removed from the “treated effluent” would be released into air which residents are breathing.”  See full document on website.

He and his wife also attended a meeting on behalf of the DACCA Board on the 20th of March regarding the 2017 update of the Calvert County Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan.  Their report follows:

Land Preservation Parks and Recreation Plan (LPPRP) Meeting
Monday March 21, 2017
6:00 PM at Prince Frederick CSM, Building B

The meeting was held to gather public input for the update to the LPPRP, which must be updated every 5 years.  Information will be included in the updated Calvert County Comprehensive Plan,

A brief presentation before discussion included some facts about the parks.

• The annual park budget
• The four elements of the LPPRP are:
1. Recreation, Parks and Open Space
2. Agricultural Land Preservation
3. Natural Resource Conservation
4. Cultural and Historic Resource Conservation

• Only Recreation and Parks was discussed.  The leaders are holding daytime meeting with invited individuals where most of the details will be discussed. The public meeting was mainly ‘wish list’.

Citizens were asked for input on what they would like to see in our parks. People were reminded that the new pools were the result of many years of ‘dreaming and asking’ before they were built, and that the process of what happens in our parks starts with dreaming and wishing.

The meeting was ‘chaired’ by an outside consultant, who wasn’t familiar with the location of the parks people mentioned.  Most of the questions raised were answered by the county employees in attendance who’s jobs were related in some way to our Parks, or to our Comprehensive Plan Update.

Ideas mentioned for inclusion in parks that aren’t already in the Ward Farm Park or available in other parks included:

• Hockey rink/indoor ice space
• Biking Trails
• More fields for sports

The cost of Ward Farm Park is expected to cost around $29 million. Money from gambling at the Rod’s Reel at Chesapeake Beach was supposed to provide some of the funding for the park but with large casinos opening around Maryland this funding is proving to be less than expected. Other state level funding is being investigated. There was no time table shared for when the park might open.

Questions raised that were not answered included:

• How will traffic on Ward Road be handled when the new Apple Green strip mall drivers leave the Apple Green strip mall to turn left, and many cars are heading down Ward road to go to the new park, or return from the new park?
• When will the first areas of Ward Farm Park be ready?
• When is Dominion closing Cove Point Park and moving it to another location?
• When will the people be told about this move, what will Dominion use the land for that was previously used as the park?
• There was low attendance at the meeting. The only announcement of the meeting in the paper was less than 5 days before the meeting, and this meeting on parks was held the day before the highly attended  public budget meeting.

Comprehensive Plan workshops

The Comprehensive Plan update workshops were briefly covered – mainly what each one was about.  There will be a write up on the site in more detail for each workshop.
– First workshop addressed – Providing an Efficient and Multi-Modal Transportation System
– Second workshop was about – Supporting Options in Community Character
– Third workshop will be on Monday, March 27, Building B, Room 104, Fostering Communities with Multi-
Generational Opportunities
– Fourth workshop will be on Thursday, April 6, Building A, Room 119, Preserving Rural Character and
Directing Growth to Existing Population Centers
– Final workshop will be – Strengthening Economic Vitality and Tourism (TO BE RESCHEDULED)
JP reminded everyone that we need to be united in our vision for Dunkirk and the county.  And we need to   remember the outcome of these workshops will affect future zoning in the county.  Please attend the remaining workshops if you can.

Old and new business questions  included what were the hours of construction of the developers at the Shoppes at Apple Greene to a victory for Lyons Creek/Twin Shields as they finally got a no passing zone on Rt 260

DACCA Membership Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2016

The meeting began at 7pm with a welcome to our guest speakers for the evening – Captain Steve Jones and 2 Detectives from the Sheriffs office, Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt, the DACCA Board and all the DACCA members.

Ward Farm Recreation and Nature Park now has a sign up on Ward Road.  And the final master plan has been approved.  (Commissioner Slaughenhoupt will discuss the status later).  Copy of the map of the Final master plan can be seen at the following county website.

The current status of the Shoppes at Apple Greene.  Harris Teeter to be the anchor store and will include a gas station on apx 1 acre right next to the store (exception for the gas station was approved October 5th)

The Presentation by Sheriff’s Department with Dfc. Seth Mitchell and Dfc. Nick DeFelice is called the “Active Shooter”.  Active Shooter deals with what we should do if we are confronted by someone with a gun whether at work or shopping.
It can happen anywhere.  In Calvert County there is a uniformed officer at every High School and an officer visits the other schools.  The schools carry out a quiet drill.
Every location should set up a crisis plan geared to their needs.  The question is whether to lockdown or to evacuate?  Detective Beisel does assessments at homes and businesses.
There have been 164 incidents each year since 2007 mostly in commercial establishments. And most of the shooters were male.
Questions and Answers taken.

Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt spoke about:
– status of funding for the new park at Ward Road in Dunkirk.
A portion of the money from gambling in the Beaches area goes to DNR.  More funds are needed to pay off the initial purchase as well as for improvements.  Senator Mike Miller may seek more funding.  $600K will be applied this year to begin Phase 1 (engineering), Infrastructure (restrooms, parking and trails)  Right now a deputy lives on the property..  Dunkirk District Park will get a tennis court replacement and restroom upgrade in maybe 2018/2019.
– The project to relocate Calvert County’s iconic “Flag Barn” on Route 4 in Owings.  It was built before the civil war and was an active tobacco barn.  There is a ongoing fund raising effort led now by Veteran and county businessman Terry Quinn to move the barn to a new site on the opposite side of Rt 4 that has been donated by the Norfolk family. Once the move is complete, the barn and the property will be donated to Calvert County Government for maintenance and upkeep.  See their website at  There will be no access – only will be able to viewed from Route 4.  Maintenance will cost $4000. per year.
– Calvert County Citizens Academy is accepting 20-25 people per class to learn how the County government works.  Applications are being accepted.
– New towers going up in Calvert?  A new tower will be going up in Dunkirk and the present tower will be demolished.  There is a $21 Million contract to Motorola for a digital com system.  The present tower is not owned by the county and they pay for leasing space on it.  The new tower will be owned by the county and the county will get revenue from leasing space on it.  It will be a secure site.
– reasoning for tax increase in Calvert County.  The Commissioners voted for a tax increase in the County in 2016.  There was growth in the 90’s but they did not decrease taxes – just put it into a savings account and set it aside for when the economy went down.  In 2008 the economy dropped and they had to start using those funds.  Since then the economy has stayed flat which reduced the income for the County.  In 2010 as they were pulling from those funds:   1.  The part of the State Highway User revenue that used to go to the County to pay for county road repairs was cut from $5-6 Million per year to $500,000 per year by O’Malley and has not been restored.  2.  The County now has to pay for the teacher’s pensions that the State used to pay for at a cost of $5-6 Million per year.
Every County service has been prioritized and all offices are as lean as possible.
Dominion will provide $25 Million in taxes beginning in 2017.
The County’s bond ratings are AAA in all 3 bond ratings (AAA is the best).
The last time taxes were raised was in 1992.  In 2016 they were raised 6 cents per $100.
Questions and answers.

It was brought up that the County held a workshop on the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan Update and Zoning on Sept 28th at the DVFD.  A video of the presentation from the initial meeting in August is online at

On Tuesday evening, October 25th many of us participated in the Joint Public Hearing for Proposed Text Amendments to the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance, proposed adoption of the Calvert County Growth Tier Map.  Our interest was in the dissolution of the Dunkirk Architectural Review Board with their duties to be done by county employees.  Six speaker spoke out against dissolving the ARBs.  The Planning Commission voted to reject those changes but the County Commissioners were tied in their vote and instead voted to leave the record open for 2 weeks to accept additional comments.

The latest information on the school zone cameras.  The cameras will record speeds of vehicles that are traveling 12mph or greater over the posted speed limit and issue citations.  (From 6am to 8pm)  The camera will capture the speeds even when school is not in session, but it will be based on the normal speed limit of that particular road.  For example; if the normal posted speed limit of the road is 40mph when school is not in session, then it will capture anything 52mph and over.  If the school zone sign says 7:30am to 4:30pm speed limit of 25mph, then the computer in the system will set the camera to capture speeds of 37mph and up.  Once the time frame has ended at 4:30pm, the computer will reset to capture 52mph and over (based on the normal speed being 40mph).   DFC. W. Beisel,  Calvert County Sheriff’s Office

Financial Report (will be posted online at website)

Be sure to check out the DACCA website –

DACCA Membership Meeting Minutes – December 1, 2015

1.  President JP Sherkus welcomed all the attending members and the evenings guest speakers – William Rector – DVFD Fire Chief and Greg Bowen – Land Stewardship Solutions.

2.  Treasurer Joe Kriemelmeyer, Jr gave the financial report (Posted on the financial report page of the website).

3.  First speaker – William Rector, the DVFD Fire Chief. He was accompanied by Charlie Hector who is the President of the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department.  Mr. Rector talked about the upcoming purchase of a new ladder truck at $900,000. which is expected to last apx 25 years.  They also just received $400,000 in grants which they used to replace the air packs for the rescue squads.  There will be a meeting on Dec 22nd with the Calvert County Commissioners regarding the use of the sirens and the complaints from residents about the loud noise it creates.  No one in the audience had any complaints about the siren. They took a few questions after the presentation.

4.  The next speaker was Greg Bowen (previously the Director for Calvert County Planning and Zoning) now from Land Stewardship Solutions who spoke about –

– sustainable Calvert efforts and a new coalition to maintain our rural legacy.
The Sustainable Calvert Network is a group whose “mission is to share information and offer support and cooperation among Network members and to achieve a future for Calvert County that fully integrates farming, fishing, natural and cultural resources, along with economic and societal needs”.  Members include:  American Chestnut Land Trust, Calvert County Farm Bureau, Calvert County Historical Society, Calvert Eats Local, Calvert Farmland Trust, Calvert Nature Society, Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust and Calvert County League of Women Voters.

– the new philosophy about rural lands.
The goal is to increase net farm income and improve the quality of life…
Only about 5% of Maryland farmers are under 35 – the average age is 60.  Maryland needs farmers.  80% of our food in America comes from out of country.  Maryland’s agricultural economy is $8.25 billion.

– agricultural land preservation, watershed protection and restoration in Calvert County.
Calvert Countians have a long history of working to preserve the County’s unique natural, cultural and historic character.  Calvert County has preserved almost 29,000 acres but the goal is 40,000 acres.  There is a list of farm property for lease to those who are willing to farm it.  That list is put out by the Maryland Farm link website at .

– the local food movement and how it is impacting Calvert County agriculture.
70% of population is willing to pay more for locally grown food knowing where and how it was grown.  Chesapeake’s Bounty is a store in North Beach where all the food sold is grown locally and they have a website   Dream Weaver in Prince Frederick is a café/catering service that uses all local food.  Buying local supports the food chain from the farmers to the stares that sell those products.

Mr. Bowen took some questions before he had to leave.  DACCA will investigate becoming a member of the Sustainable Network at the next board meeting.  Note:  Mr. Bowen will be making a presentation to the Calvert County Board of Commissioners on Jan 6th, 2016.

5.  Commissioner Slaughenhoupt attended the meeting and had a few comments.
-Still working on plans for Armory Square in Prince Frederick, but all town centers need more robust activity.
-The signage issue is still on hold pending interpretation of the recent Supreme Court decision
– The Architectural Review Committees were disbanded by a 3-2 decision by the County Commissioners.

6.  Any old business?
– Keep an eye on Dunkirk sewer
– Issue regarding dissolving the Architectural Review Committees.  DACCA will be sending a  letter to the Board of Commissioners voicing our opinion regarding the dissolution of the ARC.
– A resident of the Twin Shields development voiced concern about water quality with the planned 49 new houses going in on the old golf course property.

7.  Any new business?
– Secretary of State’s office warning re: Charity scams this holiday season.
– Also need to watch out for a person (Dan Brassier) who is collecting money for a group called Southern Maryland Vets.  Per Sheriff’s department – do not donate.  Money is not going where he is saying it is.

8.  Close.

DACCA Membership Meeting Minutes – May 20, 2015

The meeting began at 710pm with President JP Sherkus welcoming the members and guest speakers (Sheriff Mike Evans and Debbi Mister, President, CAASA Board of Directors (Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse).  The entire board was present.

The new website is up and current. and we are always looking for suggestions as to what the members would like added to the site?

Previously we got an email from a DACCA member regarding who we could contact about the shabbiness of Wawa, CVS and Safeway buildings and their need for paint.  See attached email from May Beth Cook at Calvert County Community Planning and Building.
“The Code Enforcement Staff will continue to inspect the properties for the items listed in Chapter 92 of the County Code.  Please feel free to call me if you observe properties which you feel are in violation of that Code.
As far as the building appearance, unless the buildings become structurally unsound per the building code there is no zoning or building code requirements for the appearance of the buildings.  I am aware that other local counties have discussed adopting codes addressing “blight” but have not had an opportunity to do further research on whether they have been adopted.  This may be a topic to discuss with the County Commissioners.
I hope this answers your questions.
Thank you,
Mary Beth Cook
Deputy Director/Zoning Officer
Calvert County Community Planning & Building
150 Main Street
Prince Frederick, MD  20678”

Continuing on with the Shoppes at Apple Greene pond issue mentioned at our last meeting where it had come our attention that a child had fallen through the ice into the stormwater drain pond while sledding.  The six foot fence around the stormwater runoff pond has been installed.

5.  Email received from DACCA member re: sewer in Dunkirk.  See attached email. On the news page is their report from that meeting.
Has DACCA taken any position on the public sewer/water issue for the Dunkirk town center?
I attended a county planning public meeting recently and was surprised to hear someone say that Dunkirk was anxious for public sewer/water.
I did  vocalize my disagreement, but the other speaker spend a long time after the meeting talking to  the county officials who are working on the town center master plans.
I’m not sure what the procedures are for making ‘official’ public comment into the town center master plans.  Please let me know if you have any understanding of the process.
Thanks very much,
Cindy Peil

Something we as DACCA members need to watch – there has been a proposal suggested to end the Architectural Review Board by the County Commissioners.  It is very important for the look of Dunkirk that we retain that Board – as we want to keep our town looking good. May require public support if the issue arises.

The first speaker was Sheriff Mike Evans and he will address the crime trends in the county as well as in Dunkirk for this year and as compared to previous years.  He urged everyone to sign up for the Nixle alerts and public safety warnings available at the Calvert County website –
This year we have had 2 murders in the county – both solved.
Dunkirk has had 2 robberies, 73 thefts – 95% from unlocked vehicles.
2 accident fatalities this year – 89 accidents.
There have been 3 drug overdoses in Dunkirk area – none fatal, however there have been 20 in the county with 5 fatal.  Officers from both the Sheriffs Department and the State Police have been trained in the use of Narcon – Generic name Naloxone to prevent overdoses.
Drugs are coming in from both Annapolis and Baltimore.
What is new in the Sheriff’s department – speed cameras are being considered in the school zones.  He listened to members regarding the red light running done at Ward Road and Route 4 and the request for a red light camera to be installed there.

The final speaker for the evening was Debbi Mister, President, CAASA Board of Directors (Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse) and she gave us an overview of CAASA and their role in the community and a bit about the work of the various committees and all their programs.  She will send us a digital copy of her presentation so I can post it on the website later.

DACCA Membership Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2015

The meeting opened at 7:07pm with 31 people in attendance including board members:  JP Sherkus, Phyllis Sherkus, Bob Arscott, Jim Fisk, Len Nale and Linda Kelley.
Discussion began with –

1.  Park and Ride opened in February
The new Dunkirk Park and Ride commuter lot opened Dec. 22, 2014.
With 500 parking spaces, the new lot provides double the amount of available parking spaces currently offered to commuters who board buses in Dunkirk. The new facility is located at 10839 Town Center Blvd., behind the Dunkirk Medical Center.
In addition to extra parking spaces, commuters will now have extensive lighting, two designated shelters and landscaping.
Effective Dec. 22, the bus service to the lot off of Ferry Landing Road will end.
For more information about the new Dunkirk Park and Ride, visit the Maryland Transit Administration project page at For a complete listing of commuter bus schedules and fares, please visit
Some members discussed the issue of only being able to enter the lot turning right from Town Center Blvd  coming behind Giant and not being able to turn left after turning off of Rt 4.  Also a problem to watch out for is exiting the lot heading toward Rt 4 which is right next to the exit from the Urgent Care Center.  There have been some near misses there with drivers at Urgent Care not looking for the Park & Ride users exiting.  Per Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt, there are also electric charging stations at the Park and Ride for future use by electric cars.

2.  New Park on Ward Road – Ward Farm Park
Per Walter McCain in the Calvert County Parks and Recreation office –
– An area in front was smoothed (but not leveled) out last year and grass was planted.  It will be available for practice only this spring.  Very limited parking is available.
– It will still be farmed this year.
– Parks & Rec has requested money from the commissioners in next years budget to begin developing the park.  At this point, they cannot say what will be first on the agenda, as it is still in the planning stage.
Per Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt, a traffic study will be needed to determine the change in traffic from the park with a possible traffic circle.
See the link on our website to drawing of the planned park.

3.  Shoppes at Apple Greene
– Per Rick Bailey on Tuesday – they are getting closer to a deal with an anchor store but not ready to announce anything yet.
Also at issue is the water holding pond that is yet unfenced with water at least chest deep at this point.  Kids have been sledding onto the pond and a 7 year olf child fell through the ice this last week.  Fortunately, he was able to be pulled out by others.
Note:  Rick Bailey has been notified by Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt, as well as Community Planning & Building and the County Attorney.
There have also been 4 wheelers on the property.

4.  New construction to go in behind Walmart close to Ward Road.  A multilevel office mixed use building as well as more structures like Dunkirk Hardware.

5.  The move of the Renaissance Festival from Crownsville to Upper Pindell Road was again denied permission by the Anne Arundel County Board of Appeals in November 2014.  The board had until Dec 15, 2014 to issue its written decision in the case, after which the Ren Fair has 30 days to appeal to the Circuit Court.  No word on whether they have decided to appeal again.

6.  DVFD has new fire chief – Bill Rector.  He will be setting up a meeting with the presidents of the associations in Dunkirk n the near future to discuss the concerns of the residents about the volunteer fire department.  Do you have any issues that I should pass on to him?
Issues mentioned by members to be discussed at that meeting –
–  Siren.   Can it be turned off?
–  Light at Ward Rd/Rt 4.  Ability to change light to flush out traffic when they need to go on a call.
– Problem with responding firefighters racing to station and driving recklessly.
– Why can’t the ambulances take patients to AA county instead of Calvert if that is what they want?  Charge for ambulance calls?

7.  New regulations on signage?  Where are we?  Highlights presented by Linda Kelley, the DACCA representative at the ad hoc sign committee meetings.
Linda made her presentation.  There are 28 pages of proposed regulations for signs.  Each town center can have its own set of regs as well as county regs.  Types of signs covered include:  rolling billboards, signs on vehicles, temporary signs on side of roads, permitted signage at shopping centers, interior signs in stores and electronic signs.    There is no control over political signage during elections.
See Linda’s report on the website

8.  New website is up and running.
If members want anything put on our website that would be of interest to the community – send to Secretary, Phyllis Sherkus.  Crime report is there as is a list of community resources, info about DACCA (by laws, minutes, board of directors etc.)  to DACCA members.  See flyer with Phyllis and it will be on website.

Last item – Election for Board of Directors

Current Slate of officers up for election.

President – JP Sherkus
Vice President – Len Nale
Secretary – Phyllis Sherkus
Treasurer – Joe Kriemelmeyer, Jr
Bob Arscott
Gary Armstrong
Mike Brown
Jim Fisk
Linda Kelley

The board was elected as it was listed above.

Meeting ended at 8:45pm.


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