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DACCA Member Cindy Peil sends us this report –

Calvert County Planning Commission 5-20-15 Meeting
(Meets every 3rd Monday, 7PM;  205 Main Street,  Courthouse Square Conference Room; Prince Frederick)

Background: At a meeting April 23 at the Prince Frederick Library on the Comprehensive Plans and Transfer Development Rights, an individual emphatically voiced   Dunkirk’s support for public sewer and water.  Public Sewer and water is part of the Comprehensive Plan, so I attended the meeting where the Draft Water and Sewer Plan
was on the agenda at the monthly County Planning Commission meeting.

Item 10a on the agenda was Draft Water and Sewer Plan Update (Wayne Raither, Chief/DPW)

During public comment,  I provided the comment,  PEOPLE LIVING IN DUNKIRK DO NOT WANT PUBLIC SEWER AND WATER. I talked 3-4 minutes repeating this multiple time.

These recommendations were given when I voiced difficulty with how to provide input on this.

1)  Follow the meeting schedule of the Calvert County Planning Commission.  Click on all the links in the on-line agenda to get the documents that will be considered
(the Sewer Plan Update is 199 pages).

2) Watch for and be active as the County Comprehensive Plan is being updated. THIS IS THE DOCUMENT THAT “DRIVES” ALL DECISIONS ON ZONING, SEWER, and POPULATION DENSITY etc.

3) Watch for and be active as the Dunkirk Town Center Plan is being modified.

4) Contact my BOCC member and share my opinions and ask my BOCC member
to provide his input in the necessary places and to the necessary committees etc.

5) I was not given exact times/places when the Comprehensive plan or Dunkirk Town
Center Plan were to be worked on, but one member emphatically voiced that it would
be done VERY SOON.  (He emphasized this several times with a loud –very soon)

Although members of the commission did not give me exact dates, they did emphasize that the County Comprehensive Plan and Dunkirk Town Center Plans  were being modified VERY SOON.  Both of these are very tied to the changes in TDR (Transfer Development Rights).  The changes currently being made in TDR’s will allow for greater population density in all town centers.  Dunkirk used to be called a ‘minor town center.  Now it is simply a town center.

The work on changes to these  plans are all done in committee and/or in closed work sessions.  After all the changes are made, the documents are presented to the BOCC at one of their Tuesday public meetings.  There is a brief public comment session after which then the BOCC votes, generally on the document exactly as written.   We need to provide input at the committee level.  Waiting for the BOCC meeting where the document comes up for their  approval is too late.  We can go to the BOCC at Tuesday public hearing and tell them we don’t want public sewer and water in Dunkirk, but they are not obligated to take any action, they usually don’t give feedback
to people who provide public comment other than ‘thank you’.

Planning Commission Board members: Maurice Lusby, Chair; Mike Phipps, Vice-Chair, RoxAnne Cumberland, Malcom Funn, Robert Reed, Bill Glasco, and Carolyn Hugh. Yolanda Hipski – Planning Commission Administrator; Becky Parkinson, Clerk to the Planning Commission
hipskiya@co.cal.md.us- Yolanda Hipski  410-535-1600 x2636
raither@co.cal.mc.us – Wayne Rather Public Works Division Chief)        J
haddonpj@co.cal.mc.us- Patricia, Principal Planner
Jenny Plummer-Welker, AICP,  Long Range Planner/CP & B
Julian Mark Willis –Comm. Plann. & Build.  410-535-2204
Tom Barnett, AICP, Long Range Planner

Note:  Per S Fleischman at The Recorder – Jenny Plummer-Welker, County Principal Planner, said that all town centers are allowed to have public water and sewer, but a Dunkirk Town Center Modification would be required to bring water and sewer to that particular town center.

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Contact Information:

Calvert County Sheriff’s Department………………… (410)535-2800

Maryland State Police………………………………… (410)535-1400

Free Call From Cell Phone to MSP………………….. #77

Detective Sergeant Rosemary King, MD State Police……… (410)535-1400 ext. 321

Deputy Greg Cameron, Calvert Co. Sheriff’s Office… (443)532-0000

Crime Solvers………………………………………………………410-535-2880

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